Hey! Psssttt.... my book is on the front page of http://t.co/axiGbEvX02 this morning! Get it while it is hot! http://t.co/oNwFD27syV
- Sunday Nov 23 - 2:36pm

Quick pebernødder 👀 http://t.co/LvK3GTiuci
- Saturday Nov 22 - 8:14pm

Winnipeg. Next weekend. Millennium Library at 1. I'll teach you how to publish a book and get worldwide distribution! http://t.co/77XNtSADKC
- Saturday Nov 22 - 2:08am

This is what a Friday night looks like when you are running your own business. Ain't got time for… http://t.co/tr18hAtKq1
- Saturday Nov 22 - 1:40am

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